The 6-year-old daughter of Elmer Gomez Ruano.

Jealousy over his wife’s ex-boyfriend drove a dad who abandoned his daughter in Port Authority Bus Terminal to smother the woman to death with a wet towel, authorities said Monday.

Elmer Gomez Ruano, 32, had just reunited with his estranged wife, Dionicia Bautista-Cano, 24, when he went berserk and killed her Nov. 14 in Stamford, Conn.

“He says he is going to kill us both,” the victim texted her ex-boyfriend in Spanish, according to an arrest warrant obtained by the Stamford Advocate.

After following through on his promise, Ruano then woke up their 6-year-old daughter and took her to the Port Authority Bus Terminal in Midtown, dumping her there, authorities say.

He remained on the loose for four days until federal marshals and cops grabbed him outside a homeless shelter near the Brooklyn Navy Yard. Sources said Ruano had been hiding out in a homeless shelter but got kicked out the day before his arrest for fighting.

Ruano later admitted to cops he murdered Bautista-Cano, authorities said.

Elmer Gomez Ruono went berserk and killed his estranged wife.

He has pleaded not guilty to murder and is being held on $900,00 bail. The girl has been placed in foster care.

Bautista-Cano married Ruano in 2008, but she had been living with her daughter in New Jersey and a new boyfriend for at least four months.

After she split up with the new boyfriend, he helped her and her daughter move to Stamford. Ruano found out and was irate that she had enlisted her ex-boyfriend’s help, according to court documents.

In the hours before her murder, Bautista-Cano repeatedly texted her ex-boyfriend in fear of Ruano. The messages ended suddenly.

Ruano later told investigators Bautista-Cano had taunted him by showing him 136 text message exchanges with her former boyfriend.

Dionicia Bautista-Cano, 24, was found dead in her apartment.

“It was a mistake to leave,” she told Ruano, according to court papers. “He told me that he loves me, but I told him that I did not, because I love you.”

Ruano claimed that as they fought she struck him with her head and cut one of his fingers with a knife.

Ruano admitted he choked her, holding her down with his foot on her chest and covering her mouth with the towel.

Cops found Ruano’s daughter wandering around Port Authority. She led them back to the Stamford apartment, where they discovered Bautista-Cano’s body in a closet.

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