Late-night hosts took time to discuss the latest round of news from the White House, including Donald Trump’s ongoing hypocrisy.

On The Late Show, Stephen Colbert discussed the fact that Trump has been tweeting less and expressed concern at what might be the cause.

“I’m starting to worry,” he said. “Did someone cut off his thumbs? What is going on? Is the New York Times not #failing enough? Has he not gone to the bathroom in two days?”

He then referred to reports that Trump’s aides have been instructed to show the ex-reality TV star regular reports that praise him in order to maintain his good mood and prevent him from sending angry tweets. They would also use conservative outlets to launch positive stories about him.

“So his staff would use Fox and Brietbart to plant news,” he said. “That is, fake, gosh, I wish there was a term for that. Oh I know what it is: prostitution.”

On Late Night with Seth Meyers, the ex-SNL comic played footage from a recent meeting that saw Trump assembling important business figures, including Denise Morrison, the CEO of Campbell’s Soup. After she introduced herself, Trump remarked: “Good soup.”

Meyers joked: “He talks to CEOs the way I awkwardly talk to my aunt.”

He also discussed Trump’s golf habit, which has seen him play frequently post-inauguration. “You played golf six times in one month?” he said. “Are you the president of the United States or a San Diego dentist?”

During Obama’s presidency, Trump would often tweet about his belief that the president should stop playing go much golf. “When it comes to being a hypocrite, Donald Trump has a zero handicap,” he said. “He’s the Tiger Woods of hypocrisy.”

He also discussed the disastrous stream of town hall meetings that have seen many Republicans booed off stage. Even the mention of the vice-president has led to an angry reaction. “You’ve got to give it to Mike Pence,” Meyers said. “He’s the only guy who could get booed at a Broadway musical in Manhattan, a town hall in Utah and a minor league baseball game in his home state of Indiana.”

He went on: “Mike Pence gets booed more then kids boo the witch in a puppet show.”

On The Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon mentioned the recent tweets by Pope Francis that have quoted from the Bible in response to Trump’s travel ban.

“You know you’re doing something wrong when you’re getting cyber-bullied by the Pope,” he said.

He also referred to a report that Russian intelligence is allegedly trying to use psychological techniques to get inside Trump’s head to figure out what he’s thinking. Fallon joked: “Its so hard to get Trump to open up and talk about himself.”

Trump’s rollback of Obama’s protections for transgender students who want to use the bathroom that aligns with their gender identity has also caused upset, including from Apple. Fallon said: “Apple says that regardless of your gender, everyone should be able to drop an iPhone into whatever toilet they want.”