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Anju’s Move to Pakistan Saddens Ballia In-Laws, Villagers Concerned

Anju’s Move to Pakistan Saddens Ballia In-Laws, Villagers Concerned

In the quaint village of Kharagpura, nestled in the picturesque district of Ballia, a captivating tale has unfolded, catching the attention of the nation and beyond. This compelling story revolves around Anju, an Indian woman who embarked on an extraordinary journey to meet her Facebook friend from Pakistan, Nasrullah. As her tale emerged, Kharagpura found itself thrust into the limelight for a rather unexpected reason, leaving the village and its inhabitants bewildered and saddened.

An Unusual Friendship Blossoms

It all began innocently enough – a virtual connection on Facebook. Anju, a 29-year-old woman from Alwar, Rajasthan, and Nasrullah, a 20-year-old young man from Pakistan, formed a friendship that defied borders and brought joy to their lives. Their bond grew stronger with each passing day, nurtured by shared interests, cultural exchange, and mutual respect.

A Controversial Journey

However, when news broke that Anju was planning to travel to Pakistan to meet Nasrullah in person, it sparked controversy and concern among her family and the villagers of Kharagpura. The prospect of an Indian woman journeying to a foreign country to meet her male Facebook friend raised eyebrows and led to a flurry of opinions within the close-knit community.

Unhappiness in the Village

The villagers of Kharagpura expressed their discontent over the turn of events. They were dismayed to find their village’s name associated with this unexpected twist in Anju’s life. Kharagpura, after all, is the native village of Anju’s husband, Arvind. The news of her visit to Pakistan brought sadness and concern, casting a shadow over the otherwise tranquil hamlet.

Nasrullah’s Reassurances

To quell the rising speculations and rumors, Nasrullah, the Pakistani friend, came forward to speak about the situation. He asserted that She visit to Pakistan was merely temporary, and she would return to India on the expiry of her visa, which was scheduled for August 24. Nasrullah refuted any claims of an affair between him and Anju, emphasizing that their bond was one of genuine friendship and camaraderie.

Delving into Arvind’s Background

As the media delved deeper into the story, details about Arvind, Anju’s husband, came to light. Born in Kailor village of Uttar Pradesh, Arvind resided in Alwar, Rajasthan, along with Anju. However, his ancestral roots traced back to Kharagpura in Ballia district. Remarkably, Arvind had never visited his native village since 2014, and his family had relocated to Rajasthan. It was revealed that Arvind had embraced Christianity, adding an intriguing facet to the narrative.

Anju’s Heartfelt Family Ties

Anju’s family ties with Kharagpura were limited, with her having visited the village only once in 2014 to attend the wedding of her brother-in-law, Anup. Subhavati, who appeared to be Anju’s mother-in-law, resides in the village along with her son, Kunal. Anju’s father-in-law, Shivnath, and mother-in-law, Lalita Devi, had passed away, leaving behind memories and an extended family in Kharagpura.

Heartbreak in the Family

Kunal, Anju’s cousin, shared his sentiments on the matter. He reminisced about meeting Anju during Anup’s wedding in 2014 and cherishing her amiable nature. The news of Anju’s unexpected journey to Pakistan deeply saddened him. Kunal expressed disbelief that Anju, a devoted mother and wife, could take such a drastic step, leaving her two children and husband behind.

Arvind’s Response

Anju’s husband, Arvind, expressed his bewilderment over the situation. He revealed that Anju had left their home, claiming to be going to Jaipur, only to later discover that she had traveled to Pakistan. Arvind acknowledged that it was a mistake on her part and lamented the attention that their village had received due to this incident.

The Impact on Kharagpura

The incident has undoubtedly left an indelible mark on the village of Kharagpura. Its residents, known for their close-knit community and traditional values, found themselves grappling with the unexpected media attention. While they wished for the best for Anju and her family, they yearned for their village to be recognized for the right reasons – its rich culture, warm hospitality, and harmonious existence.

A Journey of Reflection and Redemption

As the tale of Anju, Nasrullah, and Kharagpura continues to unfold, it serves as a reflection on the power of human connections in the digital age. It reminds us that friendships can transcend borders and cultural differences, but it also urges us to cherish our roots, family bonds, and responsibilities.


In the evolving landscape of the digital world, where virtual connections thrive, the story of Anju and her Pakistani friend Nasrullah stands as a testament to the complexities of modern-day relationships. As Kharagpura grapples with the attention garnered by this tale, it reminds us of the importance of understanding, compassion, and the profound impact our actions can have on those around us.



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