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Five Arrested in Greenpeace Roof Protest at PM’s North Yorkshire House

Five Arrested in Greenpeace Roof Protest at PM’s North Yorkshire House

In a daring display of environmental activism, four dedicated campaigners were arrested after scaling the roof of the Prime Minister’s residence to protest against the granting of 100 new North Sea oil and gas licenses. The incident took place at Kirby Sigston, North Yorkshire, where Greenpeace activists unfolded “oil-black fabric” on the house as a symbolic representation of their concerns about the potential environmental consequences of increased drilling in the North Sea.

The Climactic Protest

At approximately 08:05 BST, North Yorkshire Police were notified of the activists’ presence at Mr. Rishi Sunak’s constituency home. The police promptly contained the area, ensuring that no one entered the building. It is important to note that neither Mr. Sunak nor his family was present at the time of the protest, as confirmed by his office. However, the daring activists made their point by climbing down from the rooftop around 13:15 BST and were taken into custody inside police vans.

The Message of the Protesters

One of the protesters had earlier conveyed their motivation behind the action in an interview with BBC. They emphasized their intention to bring to the Prime Minister’s attention the severe consequences of a potential drilling frenzy in the ecologically sensitive North Sea. The activists believe that granting more oil and gas licenses threatens marine life, exacerbates climate change, and undermines the nation’s progress towards renewable energy sources.

Political Reactions

In the aftermath of the protest, Deputy Prime Minister Oliver Dowden expressed his disapproval, stating that the British people were “sick of these stupid stunts.” On the other hand, Alicia Kearns, the Conservative chair of the Commons Foreign Affairs Committee, deemed the action by Greenpeace as “unacceptable.” She asserted that politicians’ family homes should not be targets of protest and warned against the potential need for increased security measures for MPs’ residences.

No Apology for Energy Security

In response to the protest, a No. 10 source defended the government’s stance on energy security. They asserted that the right approach involves utilizing domestic resources to reduce reliance on foreign suppliers, particularly those with aggressive political agendas. The government’s strategy aims to ensure energy security while also supporting renewable energy initiatives, thus contributing to the creation of numerous job opportunities within the country.

Security Concerns Raised

The incident has raised eyebrows and concerns about the security measures surrounding the Prime Minister’s residence. Peter Walker, a former deputy chief constable of North Yorkshire Police, expressed his astonishment at the activists’ ability to gain access to such a high-profile location without encountering significant hindrance. This incident could prompt a reassessment of security protocols to prevent similar situations in the future.

Mr. Sunak’s Residence

Mr. Rishi Sunak, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, acquired the house after winning the rural Richmond constituency in 2015. The Grade II listed property, constructed in 1826, boasts extensive gardens, adding to its historical significance and charm. In 2021, planning permission was granted for an annex that will feature a swimming pool, gym, and tennis court, further enhancing the property’s appeal.


The daring protest staged by Greenpeace activists at the Prime Minister’s home has drawn widespread attention to the contentious issue of granting new North Sea oil and gas licenses. While opinions vary on the appropriateness of the activists’ actions, the incident underscores the importance of open dialogue and robust debate on matters of national and global significance.

The complexities surrounding energy security, climate change, and environmental preservation require thoughtful consideration and collaboration among policymakers, activists, and citizens alike. Such demonstrations serve as a reminder that environmental concerns are at the forefront of public discourse and demand proactive solutions.




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