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Rex Heuermann: Long Island Serial Killer Suspect Known as the ‘Beach Butcher’

Rex Heuermann: Long Island Serial Killer Suspect Known as the ‘Beach Butcher’

Rex Heuermann, the founder and principal of RH Consultants & Associates, LLC, is based in Massapequa Park, where the arrest took place. He boasts over 30 years of experience and has worked with renowned clients, including American Airlines, as mentioned on his online profile.

Later today, Rex Heuermann is scheduled to appear in Riverhead Criminal Court, where an indictment related to the case will be unsealed. Prior to his court appearance, law enforcement released his mugshot on Friday morning.

According to a source, the police had been monitoring Rex Heuermann for an extended period before making the arrest. Further updates on the case will be provided during a news conference at 4 pm.

Late on Thursday night, police swarmed an address in Massapequa Park near the location of the suspected murders. An eyewitness revealed that officers had been present at the residence throughout the night. Additionally, a police drone was spotted flying over the house on Friday morning.

Reports indicate that Rex Heuermann was apprehended outside his Manhattan office on Thursday night as he was leaving work. The arrest is linked to the “Gilgo Beach four” murders, the first four killings associated with the case.

Residing in the vicinity of Gilgo Beach since the 1980s, Rex Heuermann has maintained a modest house in the area. Actor Billy Baldwin, the brother of Alec Baldwin, disclosed that he was a high school classmate of Rex Heuermann. Baldwin expressed shock at the news and shared on Twitter that Heuermann was a married family man with two children.

Law enforcement had been aware of Heuermann since last year when investigators traced phone calls from burner phones to the victims’ cell phones. The location of these calls matched Heuermann’s home and office addresses.

The search for the suspected killer has been ongoing since 2010, following the discovery of Melissa Barthelemy’s remains near Gilgo Beach. Barthelemy, a sex worker who had disappeared from the Bronx the previous year, was found by a Suffolk County Police Officer and a sniffer dog.

The remains of three other women, Megan Waterman, Amber Lynn Costello, and Maureen Brainard-Barnes, were subsequently found in close proximity, wrapped in burlap. In the following months, four more women, an unidentified man, and a toddler were discovered, bringing the total number of suspected victims to 10.

Among the victims was Shannan Gilbert, a 24-year-old sex worker from New Jersey who disappeared after leaving a client’s house near Gilgo Beach. In a chilling 911 call she made while fleeing, Gilbert expressed fear for her life, saying, “There’s somebody after me.” Tragically, she was never seen alive again.

Despite speculation that Gilbert was a victim of the same serial killer, former chief of detectives Dominick Varrone stated that the circumstances surrounding her death differed from those of the other victims.

Last year, authorities intensified their efforts to solve the case, involving the FBI as well as state and local police forces. Following the recent arrest, Sherre Gilbert, Shannan Gilbert’s sister, expressed relief and stated her faith in the pursuit of justice.

Heuermann’s arrest in Massapequa Park has brought attention to his role as the founder and principal of RH Consultants & Associates, LLC. With a professional background spanning over three decades, he has established a reputation for working with prominent clients, including American Airlines. The upcoming appearance of Heuermann in Riverhead Criminal Court has generated anticipation as an indictment is set to be revealed during the proceedings. Law enforcement officials released his mugshot ahead of the court hearing, signaling a significant development in the case.

Rex Heuermann
Rex Heuermann

The arrest of Heuermann, who had been under police surveillance for some time, was the culmination of a meticulous investigation. Notably, the local community has been in shock since learning about Heuermann’s alleged involvement in the “Gilgo Beach four” murders. The arrest has also caught the attention of actor Billy Baldwin, who revealed that he and Heuermann were classmates, leaving many astonished by the connection. The case has attracted nationwide attention, and law enforcement authorities are expected to provide further updates during a scheduled news conference later today.




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