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The Killers apologize after being booed at Georgia gig over Russian ‘brother’ remark

The Killers apologize after being booed at Georgia gig over Russian ‘brother’ remark

The Killers apologized on Tuesday for their actions during a concert in Shekvetili, Georgia. They had invited a Russian drummer on stage and referred to him as their “brother,” which did not sit well with the crowd. Videos circulating on social media show the audience booing and signaling disapproval while the lead singer, Brandon Flowers, tried to explain the situation. He mentioned not knowing the proper etiquette of the land and questioned whether it was acceptable for a Russian to be on stage. The crowd reacted negatively to Flowers’ comments, leading to further dismay. People took to social media to express their dissatisfaction and some reportedly left the concert early.

The geopolitical relationship between Georgia and Russia has long been complicated, with tensions escalating after Russia invaded Georgia in 2008 and the subsequent influx of Russians into the country. Despite striving for a balance between pro-European sentiment and its neighbor’s interests, Georgia has had no formal diplomatic relations with Russia since the invasion.

Following the concert, The Killers issued a statement, asserting that it was never their intention to offend anyone. They explained that inviting people to play drums on stage has been a longstanding tradition for the band. Based on the initial response from the crowd, they believed the audience was receptive to the participation of the drummer. The band clarified that Flowers’ comment about being “brothers” was meant to emphasize the unity among the audience and fans of The Killers, but acknowledged that it could be misconstrued.

The 2008 conflict between Georgia, South Ossetia, and Abkhazia centered around two breakaway provinces with separate governments unrecognized by most countries, but supported by Russia. Georgia’s ruling party, Georgian Dream, has faced allegations of having close ties with Moscow. This was particularly evident during their efforts to pass a foreign agents bill earlier this year, which was criticized for resembling controversial Russian laws. The proposed plans were met with widespread protests.




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