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Gilgo Beach Murders: Long Island Serial Killer Suspect in Custody

Gilgo Beach Murders: Long Island Serial Killer Suspect in Custody

The suspect responsible for the Gilgo Beach murders, a notorious case that garnered nationwide attention and perplexed investigators on Long Island for over a decade, has been officially identified as Rex Heuermann, according to undisclosed sources.

Heuermann has been apprehended and is expected to face charges at a later date, as confirmed by four senior law enforcement officials who were briefed on the case and shared the information.

Leading the ongoing investigation into the Gilgo Beach murders are the Suffolk County police and the Suffolk County district attorney. The suspect, Rex Heuermann, hails from Massapequa, a neighboring town located in Nassau County.

The chilling saga began when authorities started searching along Ocean Parkway in Suffolk County for Shannan Gilbert, a 24-year-old sex worker from New Jersey who went missing in 2010 after leaving a client’s residence in Oak Beach. Since then, a total of eleven sets of human remains have been discovered along the stretch of highway.

The first remains found were those of Melissa Barthelemy, 24, on December 11, 2010. Two days later, three more bodies were uncovered, belonging to Megan Waterman, 22, Amber Lynn Costello, 27, and Maureen Brainard-Barnes, 25.

In March 2011, authorities found partial remains belonging to Jessica Taylor along Ocean Parkway. Interestingly, Taylor’s remains had also been discovered eight years prior in Manorville, as revealed by the police in 2020.

Subsequently, in April 2011, three additional sets of remains were unearthed, belonging to Valerie Mack, 24, a female toddler, and an unidentified man.

The unsettling discoveries persisted when two more bodies were found in Nassau County.

However, it was not until 2020 that the remains of Valerie Mack were officially identified.

Police eventually located the remains of Shannan Gilbert on Oak Beach in December 2011. NBC New York reported that Gilbert was not the only victim connected to the sex trade.

In May 2022, Suffolk County police released a 911 audio recording related to Gilbert’s disappearance. During the call, placed shortly before 5 a.m. in 2010, Gilbert urgently informed the dispatcher about someone pursuing her. She repeatedly pleaded for help, stating, “There is somebody after me. Somebody’s after me—please.” Although she did not disclose her precise location, Gilbert confirmed she was on Long Island.

Throughout the call, she spoke to her driver and security, Michael Pak, asking him to rescue her from the situation, saying, “Please, get me out of here, Mike.” The audio also captured conversations between Gilbert, Joseph Brewer (the client whose house she was in), and Michael Pak, as they attempted to escort her out of Brewer’s residence.

These recent developments unfolded subsequent to the establishment of a multi-agency task force, composed of the FBI, New York State Police, and Suffolk County authorities, in February 2022. The task force was formed with the aim of reinvigorating the investigation into the Gilgo Beach murders.




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