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Sia Network’s Q2 2023: 12% Boost in Utilized Storage

Sia Network’s Q2 2023: 12% Boost in Utilized Storage


In the dynamic world of decentralized cloud storage platforms, the Sia network emerged as a standout performer in the second quarter of 2023. Despite a few setbacks, the network showcased impressive resilience and ongoing progress. According to a recent report by Messari, Sia experienced a remarkable 12% quarter-over-quarter increase in used storage, leading to a storage utilization rate jump from 19% to 25%. This article delves into the highlights of Sia’s Q2 2023, including grants, development milestones, and the network’s unwavering growth.

Increased Storage Utilization:

Sia’s Q2 2023 performance was marked by a notable surge in storage utilization, reflecting the network’s growing popularity. The report reveals a significant 12% QoQ rise in used storage, demonstrating the increasing trust and adoption among users. Despite a minor setback of 3% QoQ decrease in storage contract additions due to some third-party interface issues, the overall trajectory remained positive.

Grants Foster Innovation:

The Sia Foundation, the driving force behind the Sia network, played a pivotal role in encouraging innovation during Q2 2023. Seven grants were approved, with a total value of $260,000. Among them, the largest grant of $94,000 was awarded to S5 Network and Apps. This funding aimed to support the development of a cutting-edge content-addressed storage network. Additionally, SiaShare secured a $5,000 grant for their work on creating a lightweight web service for secure file encryption, storage, and sharing via the renterd interface.

Strides in Development Roadmap:

Sia made significant advancements in its development roadmap during Q2 2023. The beta version of the user-friendly “hostd” application was published on GitHub. This groundbreaking application provides storage providers with an intuitive interface, an API for efficient resource and revenue management, and an embedded web UI for streamlined storage operations. Notably, hostd outperformed its predecessor, siad, showcasing 1.4x faster download speeds and an impressive 20x faster upload speeds in a comparative test.

Additionally, the alpha version of the “walletd” application was also released on GitHub. This powerful tool enables users to interact seamlessly with Sia assets such as SC and SF tokens, whether they are stored in hot or cold wallets. Moreover, the application supports multi-signatures and hardware wallet integrations, further enhancing user convenience and security.

Resilience Amidst Challenges:

Despite encountering some challenges in Q2 2023, including the shutdown of Skynet Labs and the temporary halt of storage uploads to Sia by Filebase, the Sia network demonstrated remarkable resilience. These hurdles did not hinder the network’s growth trajectory, and instead, Sia continued to evolve positively. The increase in storage utilization, coupled with the ongoing development of user-friendly applications, speaks volumes about the network’s promising future.


Sia’s performance in Q2 2023 showcased its ability to overcome obstacles while maintaining a growth-oriented trajectory. The network’s substantial increase in storage utilization, combined with the approval of grants for groundbreaking projects, emphasizes Sia’s growing prominence in the decentralized cloud storage space. With its user-friendly applications, superior speeds, and a relentless focus on innovation, Sia appears set to build on its successes and forge a bright path forward.

In a rapidly evolving landscape of decentralized cloud storage, the Sia network stood out as a resilient and progressive player in the second quarter of 2023. Despite facing challenges such as the shutdown of Skynet Labs and the temporary suspension of storage uploads by Filebase, Sia maintained an upward trajectory. The impressive 12% quarter-over-quarter increase in storage utilization and the successful grant program exemplified Sia’s growing appeal. Additionally, the launch of user-friendly applications like “hostd” and “walletd” demonstrated the network’s commitment to enhancing user experience. With these achievements, Sia has positioned itself as a leading force in the decentralized cloud storage industry, poised for a bright future ahead.




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