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‘I can walk away with no regrets’: US soccer great Julie Ertz announces retirement

‘I can walk away with no regrets’: US soccer great Julie Ertz announces retirement

Julie Ertz, a name synonymous with preeminence in the realm of women’s soccer, recently unveiled a heartfelt proclamation that reverberated resoundingly throughout the sphere of sports. The two-time victor of the Women’s World Cup, widely acknowledged as one of the paramount athletes in the annals of United States soccer, has formally withdrawn from the sport. In this composition, we extend our homage to Julie Ertz’s illustrious career, narrating her extraordinary odyssey from an auspicious debut to achieving iconic status within the game.

A World Cup Luminary Julie Ertz’s legacy is inexorably intertwined with the zenith of women’s soccer—the FIFA Women’s World Cup. She constituted an indispensable facet of the United States National Women’s Team (USWNT), making significant contributions to their triumphs in the 2015 and 2019 iterations of the competition. Her unwavering commitment and prodigious talent on the field were unparalleled, and her sphere of influence transcended the confines of the pitch.

Over the course of her distinguished international tenure, Ertz adorned the US jersey on 122 occasions, showcasing her exceptional finesse and unswerving devotion. Astonishingly, she succumbed to defeat in merely five encounters while netting an impressive tally of 20 goals, firmly establishing herself as a formidable presence in the global soccer panorama.

Metamorphosis of a Champion Julie Ertz’s odyssey commenced in 2013 when she inaugurated her senior international sojourn. Initially heralded as a central defender, Ertz’s adaptability and unwavering resolve facilitated her evolution into one of the preeminent defensive midfielders of her era. Her transition from the backline to the midfield was executed with consummate seamlessness, and she swiftly ascended to the echelons of standout performers for the USWNT.

Ertz’s superlative exhibition during the 2015 World Cup in Canada captured the hearts of aficionados across the globe. Her role as an impregnable defensive stalwart played a pivotal role in clinching the championship, and her sphere of influence burgeoned in the ensuing years.


The Valediction Announcement In an emotionally charged missive disseminated via social media, Julie Ertz proclaimed her retirement, leaving her legion of admirers and fellow athletes deeply moved. She articulated, “With profound sentiment and contemplation, I have elected to hang up my boots. The privilege of representing this nation on the National Team has constituted the most profound honor. Donning the USWNT jersey entails the ceaseless pursuit of greatness while bearing the emblem. I trust that my contributions have reflected this ethos.”

Ertz’s expressions resonated with genuine sincerity and profound gratitude for the opportunities that the sport had bestowed upon her. Her retirement marked the culmination of an epoch in the annals of United States women’s soccer, and her contributions will indelibly etch themselves in the chronicles of the sport’s heritage.

A Legacy Adorned with Accolades Julie Ertz’s illustrious career is punctuated by a litany of accolades that underscore her brilliance on the field. She achieved the exceptional distinction of clinching the US Soccer Young Female Player of the Year and the US Soccer Female Player of the Year awards on two occasions—a resounding testament to her unwavering consistency.

“I have bequeathed the entirety of my essence to the sport that holds my heart. Consequently, I can bid adieu devoid of any remorse, for while I invested every ounce of my being into soccer, soccer reciprocated manifoldly, and for this, I shall forever remain appreciative,” Ertz articulated, encapsulating the profound imprint that soccer had left upon her existence.

An Astonishing Resurgence Subsequent to the birth of her son Madden in August 2022, Julie Ertz engineered a triumphant return to the sport. She inked a contract with the National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL) franchise Angel City in April and represented the United States in the most recent Women’s World Cup, which transpired in Australia and New Zealand.

Despite the unexpected elimination of the USWNT at the hands of Sweden in the round of 16, Ertz’s presence on the hallowed turf was emblematic of her unwavering dedication. Her extraordinary resurgence served as an inspirational paragon for athletes worldwide, underscoring the potency of resilience and tenacity.

The Ultimate Adieu In a culminating reflection on her odyssey, Julie Ertz shared, “These preceding six months have materialized as a veritable reverie. Post-partum, I was uncertain if I would be granted the opportunity to partake in the beautiful game once more, let alone feature in another World Cup. Angel City constituted a pivotal catalyst for the fruition of these prospects… The logistics attendant to not residing within an NWSL locale are formidable, and I am cognizant of the sacrifices requisite to actualize one’s optimal potential. As I have matured and embraced motherhood, it has become evident that the demands of protracted periods of separation from my family are no longer tenable, given the multifarious variables at play.”

As the curtain descends upon Julie Ertz’s extraordinary career, we extol her as a luminary of unparalleled distinction within women’s soccer, a veritable icon of the World Cup, and a wellspring of motivation for generations to come. Her legacy is secure, and her imprint upon the sphere of soccer is immeasurable.

In summation, the retirement of Julie Ertz constitutes a poignant juncture for soccer aficionados across the globe. Her odyssey, spanning from a burgeoning prodigy to a World Cup conqueror, serves as a resounding testament to her unwavering commitment and boundless ardor for the sport she holds dear. As we bid adieu to this luminary, we are reminded of the enduring legacy she has etched onto the tapestry of world soccer.



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