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Barbie Movie: A Surprising List of Actors Considered for Ken Role

Barbie Movie: A Surprising List of Actors Considered for Ken Role

In the glitzy world of Hollywood, every movie casting decision can make or break the film’s success. And the highly anticipated “Barbie” movie was no exception. The film not only promised to bring to life the beloved doll on the silver screen but also boasted an ensemble cast of talented actors to portray various Barbie and Ken characters. However, there were some surprising revelations about actors who almost got the coveted role of Ken. In this article, we dive deep into the casting process, the actors who were considered, and how director Greta Gerwig meticulously handpicked her stars to create a diverse and captivating Barbie universe.

The Vision for a Diverse Cast

From the very beginning, the creators of the “Barbie” movie envisioned a cast that reflected the diversity and inclusivity of today’s world. Just like the line of dolls that the movie was based on, the film sought to showcase a myriad of Barbies and Kens portrayed by a diverse group of actors. The casting directors, Allison Jones and Lucy Bevan, were committed to finding the perfect actors who could embody the iconic characters and bring them to life on the big screen.

The Impact of Covid Restrictions

While the casting team had an extensive pool of talented actors to choose from, some factors were beyond their control. Covid restrictions at the time of filming played a significant role in shaping the casting decisions. The movie’s production involved spending three months in London, which meant that certain actors were unable to participate due to travel constraints. Prominent names like Bowen Yang, Dan Levy, and Ben Platt, who were interested in the role of Ken, unfortunately had to be ruled out.

When Dreams Meet Reality: Bowen Yang, Dan Levy, and Ben Platt’s Disappointment

It was no secret that Bowen Yang, Dan Levy, and Ben Platt were keen on taking on the role of Ken in the “Barbie” movie. Their enthusiasm and interest were apparent, making it even more disheartening when they had to step back due to the logistical challenges posed by the pandemic. In an interview with Vanity Fair, Allison Jones mentioned that these talented actors were genuinely bummed about missing the opportunity to be a part of the highly anticipated movie.


Simu Liu’s Unwavering Desire to Play Ken

While some actors faced disappointment, Simu Liu’s determination and passion for the role of Ken stood out. Simu Liu, who eventually landed one of the coveted Ken roles, was eager and enthusiastic about joining the “Barbie” movie’s cast. His dedication and enthusiasm likely contributed to the casting directors’ decision to bring him on board, making him one of the Kens in the diverse lineup of characters.

Jonathan Groff’s Unexpected Decision

Even accomplished actors like Jonathan Groff, known for his impressive performances on stage and screen, had their reasons for passing on a role. In this case, Groff declined the opportunity to play Ken’s friend Allan, a surprising revelation for fans who admire his work. Casting director Allison Jones shared that Jonathan Groff had to regretfully decline the role, leading to the part ultimately being portrayed by the talented Michael Cera.

Auditions and Director Greta Gerwig’s Personal Touch

To find the perfect Barbie and Ken actors, the casting process involved multiple aspiring talents sending in audition tapes. But the process didn’t stop there. Director Greta Gerwig was deeply invested in getting to know the actors as people beyond their performances. She believed that understanding the essence of the individuals behind the actors would help her create a more authentic and compelling portrayal of the characters on screen.

Margot Robbie’s Stellar Performance as Barbie

Among the star-studded cast, Margot Robbie emerged as the lead and embodied the iconic character of Barbie. Her exceptional acting skills, combined with her charisma and on-screen presence, made her the perfect fit for the role. Fans and critics alike praised her portrayal of Barbie, and her performance added to the movie’s overall appeal and success.

The Multitude of Barbies in the Film

Apart from Margot Robbie’s captivating Barbie, the film boasted an array of other Barbies, each portrayed by a talented and diverse group of actresses. The aim was to showcase a Barbie universe that celebrated different backgrounds and experiences, contributing to the movie’s positive reception and popularity.


The casting of the “Barbie” movie proved to be an exciting journey with its fair share of surprises, disappointments, and triumphs. Covid restrictions forced some actors to miss out on their dream roles, while others, like Simu Liu, eagerly seized the opportunity to shine. Director Greta Gerwig’s hands-on approach to casting, focusing on the personal connection with the actors, undoubtedly added depth and authenticity to the performances.

The film’s commitment to portraying a diverse range of characters, including Barbie and Ken, reflected a step forward in Hollywood’s pursuit of inclusivity and representation. Margot Robbie’s standout performance as Barbie and the supporting cast’s exceptional portrayals solidified the film’s success.

As we celebrate the success of the “Barbie” movie, we also applaud the filmmakers’ dedication to crafting a cast that resonates with audiences worldwide. The film’s impact goes beyond entertainment, leaving a lasting impression on viewers and setting a positive example for future productions in the industry.



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