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US Lawmaker Greg Casar Embarks on Thirst Strike in Protest of Heat Laws

US Lawmaker Greg Casar Embarks on Thirst Strike in Protest of Heat Laws

In a courageous display of solidarity and determination, Representative Greg Casar, a Democratic US congressman, has taken a stand against a Texas law that overrides protection for workers toiling outdoors in extreme heat. In what he calls a “thirst strike,” Mr. Casar has vowed to go without food and water until a nurse advises him to stop. This extraordinary act comes in response to the new Texas law that effectively bans local rules mandating breaks for outdoor workers, putting their health and well-being at risk.

The Urgency of the Issue

The scorching temperatures sweeping across vast swathes of the southern and western United States have made this issue more urgent than ever. The Texas law change poses a significant threat to the safety of workers, leaving them vulnerable to life-threatening heatwaves. Shockingly, more than 400 workers have lost their lives to heat-related incidents since 2011, according to the Bureau of Labour statistics.

A Cry for Federal Protections

In the absence of federal safeguards, Representative Greg Casar’s “thirst strike” serves as a poignant reminder of the lack of protection for workers exposed to extreme heat conditions. In a tweet, Mr. Casar explained that he intends to stand in solidarity with the nation’s workers by forgoing water and breaks, regardless of the weather conditions. He highlighted the pressing need for federal protections to ensure the safety and well-being of these workers.

Tragic Incidents and Their Connection to Climate Change

A letter jointly composed by Mr. Casar and over 100 other members of Congress emphasizes the life-and-death importance of safeguarding workers from extreme heat. The letter cites several tragic examples of workplace fatalities that occurred this year and were attributed to heat-related issues. Among them was the death of a 40-year-old postal worker during his route and a 35-year-old worker who passed away due to heat exhaustion while restoring power in Texas’ Harrison County.

The letter also highlights the grim reality of climate change and its impact on extreme weather events like heatwaves. The increasing frequency and intensity of these heatwaves make urgent action necessary to prevent more deaths and protect workers.

The Call for Immediate Action

In response to the impending danger that the new Texas law poses, the joint letter calls on the federal government to implement a series of safeguards. These measures are aimed at providing essential protections to workers laboring in intense heat, ensuring their safety and well-being are prioritized.

Texas Law Overturns Local Heat Protections

The new Texas law, signed by Governor Greg Abbott, overturns several local heat protection regulations, including Austin’s rule requiring a 10-minute break for every four hours of work in the heat. Proponents of the Texas move argue that local regulations were applied inconsistently and interfered with the state’s ability to regulate commerce and trade.

However, critics argue that eliminating workers’ rights to water breaks during a historic heatwave is a concerning step backward, endangering the lives of workers and jeopardizing their health.

The Consequences of Inaction

As the US faces a historic and persistent heatwave, millions of Americans find themselves under heat warnings. The oppressive heat poses significant risks to workers’ health, and without the necessary breaks and protections, their well-being is at stake. It is essential for policymakers and authorities to recognize the urgency of this matter and take prompt action to safeguard workers’ rights and lives.


Representative Greg Casar’s brave “thirst strike” and the joint effort of over 100 members of Congress shed light on the critical issue of workers’ rights in the face of intense heat. The new Texas law has put countless workers in harm’s way, and urgent federal action is required to provide the necessary protections.

As concerned citizens, it is our duty to stand with the nation’s workers and advocate for their safety and well-being. The fight for worker protection is not only about securing their rights but also about preserving lives. Together, we can make a difference and ensure that workers are not forced to endure hazardous conditions without respite.

Let us join hands in raising awareness about this crucial issue and pressing our elected representatives to take immediate action. With our collective efforts, we can bring about positive change and protect the brave individuals who contribute so much to our society.




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