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Baby: A Chartbuster Love Story Makes Waves at the Box Office

Baby: A Chartbuster Love Story Makes Waves at the Box Office


Baby, the recently released love story starring Anand Deverakonda, Vaishnavi Chaitanya, and Viraj Ashwin, has quickly become a favorite among movie enthusiasts. With its captivating soundtrack, fresh lead pairing, and youthful content, the film has successfully capitalized on its positive reception, resulting in an impressive worldwide box office collection. Let’s take a closer look at Baby’s remarkable performance during its opening weekend.

Box Office Success:

As per the latest updates from the PR team, Baby has grossed a staggering Rs 23.52 crore worldwide in just three days since its release. The film has already surpassed breakeven in several major areas, indicating promising box office prospects for the upcoming week.

Breakdown of First Weekend Box Office Numbers:

Here is a breakdown of Baby’s first weekend box office collections in various regions:

  1. Nizam – Rs 8.56 Cr
  2. Vizag – Rs 2.82 Cr
  3. East – Rs 1.38 Cr
  4. West – Rs 0.83 Cr
  5. Krishna – Rs 1.33 Cr
  6. Guntur – Rs 1.08 Cr
  7. Nellore – Rs 0.69 Cr
  8. Ceded – Rs 2.09 Cr
  9. Karnataka + Rest of India – Rs 0.77 Cr
  10. Overseas – Rs 3.94 Cr

Total 3-day worldwide gross: Rs 23.52 crore

Film Details:

Baby is directed by Sai Rajesh and produced by SKN under his Mass Movie Makers banner. The film’s songs, composed by Vijai Bulganin, have managed to captivate the hearts of music lovers, adding to its overall appeal.


With its chartbuster soundtrack, fresh lead actors, and engaging storyline, Baby has quickly gained popularity among moviegoers. The film’s impressive box office collection of Rs 23.52 crore within its opening weekend indicates a bright future at the box office. Baby’s director, Sai Rajesh, and producer, SKN, along with the talented cast and crew, have crafted a love story that resonates with audiences, making it a must-watch film for all movie enthusiasts.




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