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Ethiopia’s State of Emergency: Clashes between Government and Militia

Ethiopia’s State of Emergency: Clashes between Government and Militia

The Amhara province in Ethiopia has been witnessing violent clashes between federal security forces and local militia fighters, leading to a tense and deteriorating situation. The escalating violence prompted the federal government of Ethiopia to declare a state of emergency in the region on Friday, August 4. The country’s Deputy Prime Minister, Demeke Mekon, expressed deep concern, stating that the situation is taking a more serious form.

Government’s Decision and Uncertainties

Amidst the increasing violence, the Prime Minister’s office announced the state of emergency after it was evident that regular law enforcement was unable to quell the unrest. However, the statement left many uncertainties, as it did not specify whether the state of emergency would be confined to Amhara or extended nationwide. The government emphasized that the activity posed a threat to national security and public peace, warranting immediate action.

Deputy Prime Minister’s Call for Peace

Before the state of emergency was declared, Deputy Prime Minister Demeke Mekon had appealed for dialogue as a means to achieve a peaceful resolution. However, his plea did not yield the desired results, leading to the necessity of the government’s decisive action.

Escalation of Clashes and Fano Militia

In recent times, violent clashes between the Ethiopian National Defense Force (ENDF) and the Fano militia escalated in the Amhara province, resulting in a crisis situation. The government’s attempt to disarm the militia known as ‘Fano’ led to heightened tension and unrest.

Attack on Army Contingent

Thursday witnessed a fierce attack by militia members on army units, causing widespread disruption and chaos. Major roads were blocked by protesters, hampering movement in the region for several hours. The escalating violence also had repercussions on tourism, with flights to popular tourist towns like Lalibela and Gondar being suspended due to security concerns.

Internet Shutdown for Preventive Measures

As a preventive measure to curb the spread of violence and misinformation, the government ordered the shutdown of internet services in the Amhara province. This decision aimed to prevent further escalation and to contain the situation.

Root Causes and Impacts

The underlying causes of the clashes remain complex and multifaceted. Ethnic tensions, historical grievances, and power struggles are among the key factors that have contributed to the current unrest. The implications of the violence are far-reaching, affecting not only the safety and security of the region’s residents but also posing challenges to the nation’s stability and unity.

Regional Implications

The conflict in the Amhara province has raised concerns about its potential impact on neighboring regions and countries. Ethiopia is a crucial player in the geopolitics of the Horn of Africa, and any internal instability could have wider ramifications for the entire region.

International Response

The escalating crisis has garnered attention from the international community, with calls for peaceful dialogue and a swift resolution. Several countries and organizations have expressed concern over the deteriorating situation and urged all parties to engage in constructive talks to find a peaceful way forward.

Humanitarian Concerns

Beyond the immediate security implications, the ongoing violence has raised humanitarian concerns. Displacement of civilians, disruption of essential services, and the potential for a humanitarian crisis have become significant worries for aid organizations and humanitarian actors.

Promoting Peace and Stability

In the midst of this challenging situation, it is vital for all stakeholders, both within Ethiopia and from the international community, to come together and prioritize peace and stability. Finding a durable and inclusive solution that addresses the root causes of the conflict is imperative for the well-being of the region and its people.


Ethiopia’s Amhara province is grappling with a grave crisis, characterized by violent clashes between federal security forces and local militia fighters. The declaration of a state of emergency by the federal government underscores the severity of the situation. It is crucial for all parties involved to engage in meaningful dialogue and work towards lasting peace and stability. Only through collective efforts can Ethiopia hope to overcome these challenges and chart a path towards a more peaceful future.




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