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Trump Asked About I.R.S. Inquiry: Ex-Aide’s Oath

Trump Asked About I.R.S. Inquiry: Ex-Aide’s Oath.

John F. Kelly, who succeeded former President Donald J. Trump as White House chief of staff, said in an affidavit that Mr. Trump told the Internal Revenue Administration and other government agencies two F.B.I. But the research was done. Authorities are investigating his mission’s links to Russia.

Mr. Kelly said his recollection of Mr. Trump’s remarks to him hinged on the fact that he needed some investment in 2018. Officials, who disclosed the sworn declaration in court documents.

President Trump addressed whether examinations for the Internal Revenue Administration or other government offices should be added to Mr. Strzok or possibly Ms. Page,” Mr. Kelly said in an explanation. “I am not aware of President Trump requesting such an examination. Nevertheless, it appeared that he needed to find Mr. Strzok and Ms. Page.”

Mr. Kelly’s declarations came in a statement Thursday that documented claims by Peter Strzok, a top F.B.I. The Russia probe, and Lisa Page, a former legal adviser at the agency, sued the equity office for ignoring their liberties protections when the Trump Organization exchanged instant messages between them.

Mr. Kelly’s disclosures, made under penalty of perjury, show the degree to which Mr. Trump is willing to develop the central government’s policing powers to focus on his ostensible opponents. As a result of Richard M. Nixon’s administration, Congress authorized the president to “directly or indirectly” make the I.R.S. Declared illegal to request. Examination or review.

The New York Times announced last July that two of Mr. Trump’s most notable enemies were James B. Comey, whom he fired as the FBI. chief, and Mr. Comey’s appointee, Andrew G. McCabe — the same extraordinarily strange and intrusive I.R.S. Review

It is not known whether the I.R.S. Researched Mr. Strzok or Ms. Page. Still, Mr. Strzok turned the test into an essay led by John Durham’s unique direction about how the F.B.I. Discovered Mr. Trump’s mission. Neither Mr. Strzok nor Ms. Page were charged in connection with the test, which has been denounced by former policing and liberals as an act to pit Mr. Trump against the agency. Mr. Strzok is similarly suing the division for improper termination.

Mr. Strzok and Ms. Page traded instant messages that were insulting to Mr. Trump and were later revealed by Bar J. Rosenstein, then, at the time, Mr. Trump’s deputy principal legal officer, while he was criticized by conservatives. Weighted analyzes were encountered. Legislators on the hall slope trying to figure out ways to sabotage it.

The claims under oath by Mr. Kelly are similar to those he gave to The New York Times in November, in which he said Mr. Trump had told him he believed some of his ostensible political enemies, the I.R.S. Including Mr. Comey, Mr. McCabe, Mr. Strzok and Ms. Page.

Mr. Kelly told The Times last year that Mr. Trump’s pleas were important to the equity division and a broader example of his efforts to leverage his power as president against individuals who were unconvinced against him. including denying the trustworthiness of the former. High vision authorities.

In an explanation under oath, Mr. Kelly said that Mr. Trump had evaluated the trustworthiness of Mr. Strzok and Ms. Page, despite the fact that Mr. Kelly did not act on that thought. Mr. Kelly said his notes show that Mr. Trump spoke about the two exams on February 21, 2018.

“I didn’t note every single instance in which then-President Trump said something about Mr. Strzok and Ms. Page,” Mr. Kelly said. “President Trump has generally objected to demonetisation in public. He has expressed fears that the notes could later be used against him.”

Mr. Kelly said he had found no way to check his adversaries to thwart Mr. Trump’s ambitions.

Mr Trump has said he knew nothing about the assessments by Mr Comey and Mr McCabe and their colleagues. The I.R.S.’s comptroller general found last year that Mr. Comey and Mr. McCabe were randomly selected for the audits, but the examiner general’s report acknowledged some deviations from the I.R.S. Full rules for non-statutory determination When the organization has made the last determination of profit to be examined.

Mr. Kelly told The Times last year that Mr. Trump has now repeatedly talked about using the I.R.S. And the Equity Office to address Mr. Comey, Mr. McCabe, Mr. Strzok and Ms. Page, among others.

Among them, Mr. Kelly said, the previous C.I.A. Chief John O’Brennan; Hillary Clinton; and Jeff Bezos, the founder behind Amazon and The Washington Post, whose involvement often rankled Mr. Trump’s.




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