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AntChain Enhances Privacy and Verification in Web3.0 with Zero-Knowledge Proof

AntChain Enhances Privacy and Verification in Web3.0 with Zero-Knowledge Proof

AntChain, a division of Ant Group, has unveiled an exciting upgrade to its privacy collaboration platform, AntChain FAIR. This upgrade incorporates Zero-Knowledge Proof (ZKP) as a core technology, revolutionizing the verification of computation processes, data attributes, and identities.

ZKP is a cryptographic technique that enables the prover to demonstrate their knowledge or possession of specific information to a verifier without revealing any specifics about the information itself. This technique is set to play a vital role in the Web3.0 era over the next five years, as it allows for the verification of statements without compromising privacy or divulging additional useful information.

The integration of Ant’s AI security detection platform, “Yijian,” with its privacy computing platform, “Yinyu,” is seen as a significant future trend. With large-scale AI model training requiring substantial amounts of data, privacy computing ensures the safety and reliability of these sensitive datasets.

Adopting the ZKP architecture empowers companies and institutions to ensure that data computation occurs in accordance with agreed conditions, is accurate, and can be verified—all while maintaining privacy. This advancement significantly enhances the credibility of identity verification, AI model training, data transfer, asset transactions, and on-chain and off-chain collaboration. As a result, Web3.0 can penetrate more complex industrial scenarios.

AntChain has also optimized its software algorithms to accelerate the “proof generation” phase by 2.8 times the original baseline. This phase involves generating proofs for data, identities, computation processes, and more. By reducing the threshold for ZKP adoption, AntChain FAIR introduces zkWASM, a new type of ZKP virtual machine, into its trusted computing architecture. This innovation enables instruction-level verifiable features and facilitates the conversion of algorithm programs written in various front-end languages without the need for in-depth knowledge of complex underlying algorithms.

AntChain FAIR serves as a privacy collaboration platform for data transfer, harnessing the advantages of blockchain and privacy computing. It resolves the inherent conflict between data sharing and privacy protection throughout the data flow process. Currently, it is deployed in various data exchanges, including the Hangzhou International Digital Trade Center and the Guizhou Big Data Exchange.




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