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Manipur Conflict: Women Braving the Flames of Turmoil

Manipur Conflict: Women Braving the Flames of Turmoil

The north-east Indian state of Manipur has recently witnessed a series of disturbing incidents involving violence against women. These allegations have come to light in the aftermath of a viral video showing two Kuki women being paraded naked by a mob. The incident has sparked widespread outrage and condemnation, leading to the arrest of six men involved.

Warning: The content of this article contains distressing details that some readers may find unsettling.

The unfolding events have shed light on the deeply troubling issue of gender-based violence in the region. This article delves into the harrowing accounts of survivors, the social and cultural dynamics at play, and the urgent need for justice and healing in Manipur.

The Tragic Ordeal of Mary and Her Daughter

Mary (not her real name), a Kuki woman, was initially reluctant to seek justice for her 18-year-old daughter who had suffered a horrific ordeal. Her daughter was abducted from outside their home, gang-raped overnight, and left severely beaten on their doorstep. The attackers had threatened the young woman, instilling fear and silencing her.

However, the emergence of a video showing the appalling treatment of two Kuki women by a mob last week prompted Mary to take action. She realized that silence would only perpetuate the cycle of violence, and she decided to file a police complaint. Mary’s courage in speaking out has sparked hope for justice for her daughter and others like her.

The Fear and Resilience of Chiin Sianching

Nineteen-year-old Chiin Sianching’s life was also dramatically altered due to the violence. She and a friend faced a brutal attack in their hostel while studying nursing in Imphal. The mob targeted them based on their Kuki ethnicity, subjecting them to violence and threats.

Chiin describes how she reached out to her mother during the terrifying ordeal, fearing it might be their last conversation. Thankfully, they survived the attack, but the emotional scars left a lasting impact on their lives. Chiin’s resilience is inspiring as she strives to rebuild her life despite the trauma she endured.

Deepening Faultlines: Clashes and Separation

The clashes that erupted between the Meitei and Kuki communities in Manipur have further intensified existing faultlines. Once living alongside each other, the two communities are now separated with barricades at village entry points, leading to continued overnight clashes.

The unconfirmed reports of Meitei women facing sexual assaults by Kuki men fueled the rage within the mob that attacked Chiin and her friend. The complex web of tensions and violence has severed communal ties and threatened the harmony that once existed.

Women Rising in Protest

The video of the two Kuki women being paraded naked by the mob not only united the Meitei community in outrage but also highlighted the long-standing tradition of women playing a powerful role in civil society in Manipur.

Groups like the Meira Peibis, or torch-bearers, have a history of protesting against abuses of power and human rights violations by the state and the army. Sinam Surnalata Leima, a leader of the Meira Peibis in a group of villages, emphasized the importance of community solidarity in condemning the heinous crime committed against the two Kuki women.


A Culture of Silence and Dignity

The violence against women in Manipur has raised questions about the cultural silence surrounding such crimes. Khuraijam Athouba, representing a Meitei organization called Cocomi, explains that Meitei women often choose not to report such violations to protect their dignity. This cultural inhibition perpetuates a cycle of silence and impunity, making it difficult for survivors to seek justice.

Seeking Justice and Accountability

The survivors and families affected by the violence demand justice and accountability for the atrocities committed against them. The brother of one of the Kuki women who was paraded naked in the video expresses his anguish and calls for the arrest of every person involved in the mob, especially those responsible for the deaths of his father and brother.

Government Response and Community Discontent

Despite assurances from the Chief Minister of Manipur, N. Biren Singh, and Prime Minister Narendra Modi to punish the culprits severely, many in the affected communities remain skeptical about the government’s commitment to resolving the conflict and delivering justice. The calls for accountability and peace resonate deeply with those who have endured displacement and violence.

The Video That Shook the Nation

The video capturing the dehumanizing treatment of the two Kuki women has garnered national attention and shed light on the ongoing Manipur conflict. The awareness generated through the video has helped amplify the voices of the survivors and advocates working to rebuild lives shattered by violence.


The emergence of allegations of violence against women in Manipur, coupled with the viral video showing the parading of two Kuki women by a mob, has sparked widespread outrage and demands for justice. The survivors’ bravery in speaking out and the united efforts of communities and civil society organizations have underscored the urgent need for accountability, healing, and social change.

To truly address the deeply rooted issue of gender-based violence in Manipur, sustained efforts are required from both the government and society. Support for survivors, reforms in law enforcement, and collective action against impunity can pave the way towards a safer and more just future for the women of Manipur.




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